Sustainability - at what cost?

Welcome to the inaugural Specifier Summit 2024. 

This event will see 150 specifiers in the same room, discussing the role of sustainability in today’s economic climate.


Thursday 7th November 2024


9:30am to 3pm


Knebworth Barns, Hertfordshire

Costs (materials, labour, energy, lending and insurance); materials shortages and delays; labour shortages, the skills gap and competition for good talent; slowing project volumes; the expansion of Ultra Low Emission Zones for London and possibly elsewhere; and numerous reforms and increased regulations around building safety and planning law – these are the challenges the construction sector currently faces.

Amid all this we also have an increased responsibility to design and deliver projects in a sustainable way.

But is sustainability being pushed down the pecking order due to the economic climate? Are sustainable solutions being replaced by low-cost alternatives and what does this mean for the sector?


Sir Jonathon Porritt

Co-Founder of the Future Forum and lead on environment for the World Economic Forum.

Former Co-Chair of the Green Party 

Meet our headline speaker: Sir Jonathon Porritt

Sustainability campaigner, Sir Jonathon Porritt has been advocating for the environment through his writing, media appearances and trust work for over 50 years. An active voice in the fight for sustainability and the development of responsible practices for the future.

As the Founder of Forum of the Future, Jonathon aimed to combat environmental issues through the sustainability charity working with multinational corporations. Working alongside the likes of M&S, Sky and Unilever, Jonathon’s initiative supports strong partnerships that further support sustainability in business through equipping individuals with knowledge and corporations with strategies.

Led by his passion for green practices, Jonathon has also been involved in several progressive projects, authored eight books on the topic and was awarded a CBE in 2000 for his commitment to the field.

This and much more will be discussed at the inaugural Specifier Summit 2024.

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